3 New Designs

Hello Everyone!! 
It has been a while!!  Most of you know I have been doing a lot of traveling lately. In my travels at night as I get into my hotel room...  I needed mindless projects that kept my hands busy as my body would wind down for the night. I really got into Yarn projects - and I absolutely LOVE yo-yo's!!!! 

With that said, I figured I can not be the only one who needed a great bag to keep my projects in as I travel around. Please visit my website at www.unseenhands.net to check out my new projects.

Under "Applique Laundry Bags".....  Look for
"My Yo-Yo Bag"
Under "Embroidery Patterns"....   Look for "My Yarn Bag"
Under "Machine Applique Quilts"....  Look for "American Window"

"American Window" is a great Cathedral Window Throw quilt - as you review it, keep in mind you can use any of your favorite colors. Perhaps you have a sports fan that you would like to make this quilt for using the team colors?? My 9" Seam Pressing Template works very well with this project to help you complete the quilt in a timely manner. (You can find my template under "embroidery patterns")

I am currently working on 5 new larger quilts...  it will be a little while, so stay tuned.....  

Be creative!!

Erica Plank
Unseen Hands