Hello again!!!  

I have been back home for the holidays in Washington State, where it has been raining non-stop. I am heading out this week for the 2017 tour and am hopefully heading towards warmer, sunny weather. 

Although, because of the rain... it has kept me indoors to wrap up 3 of the quilts I had started. They are now on my website. Please look for them in the "View Patterns" section of my website. 

I have Two new Chenille Quilts: 

"A Ragged Christmas" & "The Black Sheep"

I have One Embroidered Quilt" 

"Seasons On The Farm" 

Please visit my website at and check them out!!  

Ohhh....  don't forget to find me on Facebook. :) 

I hope you are all doing well. Please contact me if you would like to have me for a workshop/presentation in your area. 

See you down the road,
Erica Plank
Unseen Hands