My designs for Coloring Class

Hello everyone,

There have been a lot of request from you to purchase the designs I have been using in my workshops.

They are now available on my website

Omce you are on my website, you need to go to "The Bar on Top of the Screen" and hit "Shop"....  there will be several different subjects come up. Please look for the "Design Only" and you will be able to review all four that I have so far.

To keep the cost low for you, this is not going to be packaged the way I normally package my patterns.

This is a "Design Only" pattern, so you will get the artwork and a photo. They are only $7.00 each.

They are fun to color and hopefully you have me on your Facebook - where you have been able to view all of the classes I teach and the students art. They are all so creative and again, this is just fun to color.

So, please order now and be creative. I would love to pictures when they are complete.

Have a great day,
Erica Plank
Unseen Hands