"Believe In Me" Patterns

Happy JUNE everyone! (where does the time go?)

I have a new set of quilts completed, but would like to explain how I got there.

Last February I walked into a quilt shop and a pillow caught my eye!!

The design was one that I had seen before but had forgotten all about it. The blocks to this pillow were the "Cathedral Window Blocks". It was so eye catching to me, I knew my next theme of quilts would have to have this block involved. I took the class only to learn we were to use a "Paper Template", because this is what has been used for years. It was fine for the first 3 blocks, then the corners started to wrinkle and it 'slowed me down'. Being the patient person I am (HA), I became so frustrated, my thoughts of how to make this go faster became an obsession. I finally figured it out and developed a heat resistant template (my 9" Seam Pressing Template) that is perfect for this particular block. 

With that said, my new theme consist of the "Cathedral Window Block" (sewn by machine). Instructions are included in each of the patterns as well as the 9" Seam Pressing Template. I also teach classes at local quilt shops.

I now have all four of my new quilt patterns on my website as well as the template. The "Theme" of my new line of quilts is, "Believe In Me". Please visit my website to check out all five new items. (Go to "View Patterns" and then click on "Embroidery Patterns", they should be the first five items)

"Believe in me" - Santa
"Believe in me" - Inspirational
"Believe in me" - True Love
"Believe in me" - Fairy
9" Seam Pressing Template

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well and in good health!!!!
Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. Don't forget to find me on Facebook.
Prayers are going out to all of you folks in Colorado....  be safe!!!


Erica Plank
Unseen Hands